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What do you think a cajun is?  You might be surprised.  Cajuns make their living off the land by farming, fishing, hunting, trapping, etc.  While many of the older cajuns spoke little or no English, most now do.  As a matter of fact, many have lost their dialect and younger cajuns do not speak French at all.  Efforts have been made to preserve the Cajun French heritage.  Many older cajuns had to quit school at an early age to work in factories and help their parents fish.  That is no longer the case and many younger cajuns have had the benefit of schooling, even higher education.  So when you hear that cajuns are dumb, just remember, many were not able to go to school because of economic necessity; however, cajuns are very wise!!



A Bergeron CAJUN History Lesson:
Owned and operated by Julie Bergeron, of direct Acadian (A Canadian) decent, now known as "Cajun."  The Bergerons date back to Joseph Bergeron d'Amboise (1505) in Toulouse, France.  A startling fact is that almost all Bergerons can be traced to this one man.  His grandson Barthelemy Bergeron (1664) also of Toulouse, arrived in Canada in 1985 as a Marine and lived in downtown Quebec City 1685-1690.  He accompanied Pierre LeMoyne d'Iberville  in most of his adventures including the one at Hudson Bay.  He married Genevieve Serreau in 1695 and arrived in Acadia with his wife and d'Iberville in 1696.  This is where the Louisiana cajun Bergerons were born.  Moving into southeastern Louisiana in the early 1700's and settling in the area known as Chauvin, Houma, or Coteau in Terrebonne Parish.