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Cajun Mardi Gras Revelers

These guys aren't after Mardi Gras beads.  They're after all the fixins for some gumbo.  They roam around on horses, going from house to house getting people to give them different ingredients to make a big pot of gumbo.  Then the town gathers together for celebrating, reveling, and dancing.  Afterall, Mardi Gras is translated "Fat Tuesday."  The day before the seven weeks of Lent begins.  So Catholics party hard on
Mardi Gras, cause they give up something they enjoy
"like drinking, cigarettes, candy, etc." for the next seven weeks.


But no Cajun Mardi Gras celebration is complete without the "Mardigators." 

Why not add a little cajun tradition to your New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration?  Put your dancing shoes on sha', cause your feet will start tapping when you get in the Cajun Spirit.  A memorable experience for all!!

  For bookings call (504)348-0008 OR (504)347-4958